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Perspective of Eel Farming

Eel farming business has changed greatly since 100 years ago: at the beginning, in mud pond, extensive cultivation; then, in sand pond, intensive cultivation; and now, in green house pond, concentrated cultivation. The more important thing is, succession in farming Anguilla anguilla in Mainland China influence eel farming business greatly.

Eel-fry of Anguilla anguilla were bred in Mainland China from 1992. Nowadays, the survival rate is almost 80%, in which it was less than 20% in the beginning. We tried various water sources during experiments: river water, well water, mineral water, lake water, etc. Finally we succeeded.

The skin of Anguilla anguilla is thinner than Anguilla japonica by almost 30%. Eel farmers in Fujian use cement pond in order to prevent eels from getting into mud that may hurt eels' skin. Labour force in Mainland China is much cheaper than Japan and Taiwan. We can hire enough labour force for controlling, cleaning and drugging. These advantages are exclusive.

Government of Guangdong Province makes efforts to develop Aquaculture recently. Eel farms in Guangdong are very big. Demand of eels in Mainland China is higher and higher. For an example, in July 2000, prices (excluding freight) in Mainland China were higher than that in Japan. We expect that eel farming business in Mainland China will grow much faster than any other areas in the future.

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