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Putian Aquaculture Field

Our fingerling breeding basis and eel-fry wholesale centre, Xin Xing Dan Shui Aquaculture Co., Ltd., which locates at Xindu, Putian County, Fujian Province, covers a floor space of 23,480 m2, including 60 roofed breeding ponds with thermostats. They can breed 4,000,000 eel-fry at one time. Water quality, forage, drugs are all strictly controlled and managed. In this field, fry of Anguilla japonica can grow to 300 fry per kilogram within 40 days, and all the finger lings are of the same size and can be bred continually easily. It is famous in Putian.

Address : Jindun Village, Xindu Town, Putian County, Fujian Province, China.


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